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Funeral Ties

Funeral tiesTies for funerals that are more formal should be black, with male relatives wearing white funeral ties. The sons of the siblings of the deceased and close friends, as well as cousins, can also wear a white tie. The rules surrounding what colors are considered appropriate for a funeral tie have become more flexible over time, and today it is not wrong to choose something other than black or other dark colors. However, these should be the go-to colors for funeral ties unless otherwise communicated. Finding the right tie for funeral can be hard, but at John Henric we have a great range of funeral ties in every colour. Choose from shades of black or dark blue, green or burgundy for your. Buy your funeral tie online at your leisure, always with free shipping, great service and fast deliveries.


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White Funeral Tie
White Funeral Tie

White Funeral Tie

Solid funeral necktie

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Funeral ties & neckties online

High quality funeral ties for men in genuine Italian craftsmanship, low price, what’s the catch? None. John Henric is an exclusive producer-to-consumer company. This means that we sell ties for funeral solely in our own stores and at Since we skip wholesale, you skip the markup. This way we can offer high quality funeral ties in luxurious fabrics at a better price than you would normally pay, so you can always feel stylish and equipped with the perfect men’s accessory.

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