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Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares – The widest range of Italian-made handkerchiefs online. No breast pocket is complete without a pocket square also known as a handkerchief or pochette. It shows that you are aware, have a sense of style and that you have courage. If the tie is the icing on the cake when it comes to being well dressed, then a pocket square is the cherry on top. With one of the world's largest selections of pocket squares made in Italy in different colors, patterns and materials, we can offer something for every occasion. Historically, the pocket square was considered a male hygiene product before eventually developing into the purely decorative accessory and wonderful detail that it is today. The pocket square is perhaps the most important, and the most fun, accessory that a man can use to stand out from the crowd. A sleek and stylish pochette is suitable for all events and situations, with a tail coat, tuxedo, blazer, suit or vintage denim jacket. Stock your wardrobe with pocket squares in a variety of colors, materials and patterns. Dare to wear pocket squares with bold prints and patterns. Get to know your color code and play with the contrasts in your pocket square. Let your imagination flow freely. There is nothing wrong with alternating different pocket squares with as many colors as it is possible to bring forth. If you are not wearing a tie, a pocket square creates a slightly more non-formal look. However, if are wearing a tie, one of the colors in your pocket square should be reflected in the tie.


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Blue Pocket Square
Blue Pocket Square

Blue Pocket Square

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Men’s handkerchiefs - Why choose a handkerchief from John Henric?

• Swedish design and Italian craftsmanship

• Affordable luxury handkerchiefs without middle hands

• Excellent selection handkerchiefs in all kind of materials

• Free express shipping worldwide and great customer service

Buy Pocket Squares Online

There is always an occasion for wearing a pocket square. Buying your pocket squares online is both easy and convenient thanks to our clear product images with perfect color representation. John Henric provides extensive information about materials, delivery times and measurements for each handkerchief in our collections. And what’s more, we always offer free shipping world wide and genuine service. If you do not have the time or the inclination to visit one of our many stand-alone John Henric shops which offer personal service, you can feel reassured buying your pocket square online, knowing that it will always be made with love in Italy.

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