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Ascot Ties

Men’s Ascots & Cravats  – The ascot tie can be said to be the predecessor to the tie or bow tie. The ascot developed from the cravat in the late 19th century, when the European gentry began wearing cravats more informally. Cravats and ascots are very similar, which can cause some confusion. To distinguish between them, you could say that the ascot tie is an untied cravat that you tie yourself. The cravat is more like a tie while the ascot’s knot is best likened to a half-finished tie knot. Tying an ascot like this is referred to as a creating a ‘day cravat’ that is normally under the shirt collars for both wedding and every-day occasions. At John Henric we prefer the ascot and have therefore chosen to only produce these, always in 100% silk and of course made in Italy. More recently, ascots have, along with silk scarves, experienced a surge in popularity, and even if the suit is its perfect match, you can also combine the ascot with a blazer or denim jacket. The ascot tie is also a good option for those who are bothered by tight collars and tie knots and want to embrace a more casual style.


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Men’s Ascot – Patterns and colors

• If you choose an Ascot tie with a bold pattern, opt for a solid-color or lightly patterned shirt and a solid-color blazer or jacket.

• If you go for a solid-color ascot, on the other hand, you can experiment with a more lively pattern for your jacket or shirt to create a balanced look. When choosing a solid color, it is also important that your ascot is not too similar in color to your shirt, as the two tend to merge. The result is rarely elegant.

• An ascot or cravat with a paisley print or some other pattern is always a good choice, but the pattern should be small in order to not dominate the outfit too much.

• Dot-patterned ascots in various sizes work in any situation but are especially suited to business contexts.

Buy men’s ascots online

John Henric offers you the opportunity to purchase ascots and cravats online, and we stock one of the widest ranges online of Italian-made ascot ties. If you prefer to buy your ascot in Europe, stop by one of our stores for unique personalized service, or buy your ascot online at your leisure at You should tie the ascot yourself. It can be tied like a cravat for more formal occasions or, less formally, like a ‘day cravat’ worn under the shirt collar. An ascot is worn right next to your skin in an area where you have beard, so it’s important that you pick an ascot tie that is printed and not jacquard or woven because otherwise, you easily pull threads, and your cravat is ruined just after a few times of wearing it. That’s why John Henric only offers printed silk ascots.

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