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Proms & Weddings - Regardless if this is the year you’re lucky enough to put a ring on the finger, or if your simply attending a wedding - you’re going to want to look good. You’re going to want to be elegantly dressed, and within all the do’s and don’ts of the groom dress code. We suggest you keep reading as we are about to hand you with a great deal of inspiration along the way. This memo is mainly directed towards future grooms and prom attendees who are looking for the wedding dress code for men or the prom dress code for men. But works at the same time for wedding attendees who need inspiration for what to wear. When you’re dealing with weddings or proms you’re dealing with the protagonists shining moments in life. Therefore it’s understandable, it’s even reasonable, to want to dress the part. As a groom you’ll want to check out all groom accessories such as wedding ties and wedding bowties. And the same goes for all prom attendees, you’ll want to check our selection of prom accessories.

A wedding tie or a bow tie for weddings from John Henric is always of high quality and of a reasonable price. All groom accessories are sold solely in our own stores and online. Because of this we can skip the markup - as a gift from us to you. By doing it this way we can offer prom accessories in premium fabrics at better prices than you would normally pay. A wedding day is an important day, therefore you need to dress the part. It’s a day full of future, fond memories. At John Henric we offer a lot of wedding ties, wedding bowties, prom ties and prom bowties. And while you’re at it - don’t forget our qualitative silk pocket scarves.


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Groom accessories & prom accessories - what are your goals with the products?

As you’ve understood our groom accessories and our prom accessories are a direct result of genuine craftsmanship, and of passion. Our goal is always to produce premium products to an affordable price. We wish to be premium, high qualitative - but not exclusive. One should be able to afford luxury, and if we don’t need to overprice - we don’t see any reason to. All Accessoires from John Henric are:

• Natural materials such as silk, wool or cotton

• Premium quality weaves

• Ultra soft touch and feel 

• High quality durability

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