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Socks 3 for 2

Men’s Socks – From having been considered a necessary and functional basic garment, socks for men have become an important style detail and a stylish male accessory. John Henric manufactures merino wool socks and cotton socks of the highest quality. Other materials with different properties are less breathable and can create a bad environment for the foot. The majority of our men's socks are so called calf-length socks, but we are also very proud of our exclusive knee-high socks made in Italy in merino wool. John Henric always uses the hand-linked toe technique when manufacturing our dressed socks. This technique means that the toe is closed by pairing the seams on either side of the sock and fastening these using a simple seam. The result is a very smooth transition in the toe. Our wide sock collection ranges from black socks and thin, formal navy socks to slightly rougher wool socks with a pattern that allow you to use your dressed socks to express your unique personality. Two simple and classic rules when it comes to socks for men are to match the color of your socks to that of your pants, or to the nuance and tone of your shoes. John Henric loves to experiment with bold colors, and one of the things we like best when it comes to socks is to make sure that the tone of a pair of colorful socks is reflected in your tie, pocket square or scarf. We also like to break the monotony of a dark suit or blazer with a pair of brightly colored or boldly patterned men’s socks. It does not have to be too out there to tone down the formality in a nice way. Similarly, you can match spotted, Argyle-patterned, plaid, striped or paisley patterns to create an individual look. Scroll down and enjoy more style tips for our knee-high socks.


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Men’s Socks Online

Choose from patterned and solid-color socks for men in cotton or men’s socks and knee-high socks in merino wool made in Italy. One major advantage of this functional piece of clothing is that it is very easy to buy dressed socks online. Once you have found your fit and a material that you like, our clear product images with accurate color representation make it easy to choose and buy socks online with free shipping, great service and our known speedy deliveries. We ship our exclusive men's socks to satisfied customers all over the world on a daily basis.

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