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Men’s Scarves – Lately, the scarf has been a constant presence in the male wardrobe, and the changeable climate we are experiencing these days makes the need for scarves for men of various materials even greater. The popularity of this male accessory is to a large extent down to its confident nonchalance. A scarf is a great men’s accessory when you want to add a little more personality to your outfit without going to a lot of effort. The opportunities for variation are almost endless when it comes to scarves for men online. One tip is to let your scarf contrast with the rest of your look, for example by adding an elegant silk scarf or cashmere scarf to a denim jacket, or a light wool scarf to an otherwise tailored outfit featuring a suit or blazer. It is important to balance the colors of your scarf with those of the rest of the outfit. Brown, gray and navy are often more appropriate than black when it comes to matching colorful men’s accessories. Once you have the perfect scarves base, you are free to indulge in a silk scarf or something a little more daring featuring unusual materials. John Henric offers scarves for all seasons and occasionsmade in Italy with great skill and experience. Buy men’s scarves online with free shipping and our fast deliveries.


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Beige & Dark Blue Scarf
Beige & Dark Blue Scarf

Beige & Dark Blue Scarf

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Men’s Scarves

Men’s scarves – We believe that the scarf is the most sophisticated male accessory. Whether you are into bold patterns, bright colors or subdued solids, a scarf is a fall and winter essential.  With the endless possibilities with regard to color, pattern and material texture, a John Henric scarf can, just like a bow tie or tie, add a lot to your overall look and the clothing you have selected for the day. Opt for a men's scarf with more bulk to bring out your inner bohemian, or choose a narrower version for a more subtle look. Wool scarves are amazing, but the true luxury standard is the cashmere scarf with its soft warmth against the skin.

Buy scarves for men online

John Henric makes buying men’s scarves online both easy and convenient if you do not have the time or the inclination to visit one of our stores which offer unique, personal service. Our product images are of a high quality with clear and accurate color representation, and we provide all the information you need to buy your scarf online. Choose between silk scarfs, cashmere scarves, wool scarves or gorgeous scarves made from various fabric blends all manufactured in Italy. And what’s more, John Henric always offers free world wide shipping and super speedy service.

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