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Men’s laptop bags - Modern and timeless: discover our latest collection of men’s laptop bags - designed for man’s everyday use. How long ago was it that you took a good, long look at your current computer bag? One shouldn’t neglect ones everyday beater. If it’s time to renew, a look at our computer bags could be wise. We believe that computer bags are made to be used. Therefore our laptop bags has to be sturdy, but it’s even more important never to compromise on the standards of our men’s laptop bags. For us laptop bags are all about quality and functionality. Without the other the equation just doesn’t add up. As we go through our everyday life, with picking up the kids at kindergarten to running from meeting to meeting - the computer bag is our companion. Few men’s accessories meet as many needs as men’s computer bags. They need to look good, and have space for all important documents you carry around. From what did we find inspiration for our laptop bags? We find inspiration for our men’s laptop bags everywhere in the everyday life. We’re influenced by the classic but also by the contemporary. We know that beautiful and long-lasting designs has been made before. And we understand that it takes something extraordinary to better the classic men’s laptop bags. But we’re up for the task. We put great pride in our laptop bags. We’re inspired by functional design, and for us it’s of the utmost importance that the materials we use for our computer bags are durable. Our computer bags are made to be used.

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Men’s laptop bags - Why choose a laptop bag from John Henric?

All of our laptop bags are made from vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather. What having that quality guarantees is that your John Henric computer bag ages with dignity. Our men’s laptop bags ages beautifully, because the material is crafted from high quality leathers. If that doesn’t do it for you then bear in mind that they are also made to last.

Men’s laptop bags online

High quality laptop bags for men in genuine craftsmanship, low price, what’s the catch? None. John Henric is an exclusive producer-to-consumer company. This means that we sell our laptop bags online solely in our own stores and at Since we skip wholesale, you skip the markup. This way we can offer high-quality laptop bags in luxurious fabrics at a better price than you would normally pay. Buy your laptop bag with free shipping worldwide and fast deliveries and great service from John Henric.

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