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Men’s linen shirts - It is not for no reason that linen has been used by pharaohs, emperors, kings and queens for at least 30 000 years. Literally speaking, linen has been royally used for centuries. It has always, historically, been the elegant choice. And it’s not hard to see why. Endlessly versatile: Men’s linen shirts are the essence of summer wear. When the heat beats 25°c, almost nothing is cool enough. Apart from a linen shirt. It is something so very appealing with the elegance a linen shirt brings. They’re effortless. Do you recognize the way it feels when you put on a shirt and the rest of your outfit just seems to solve itself? We’re confident our neat design does just that. A linen shirt is a warrant for a simple, yet sophisticated look. Easily matched with either a pair of high-rise jeans or a pair of loosely, but nice, fitted cream colored trousers. Or use it contemporary by wearing a linen shirt underneath a nice multi-pocketed overshirt. Linen are perhaps the most unobtrusive cloth known to man. It is a cloth that is prone to wrinkle - yes. But we do love the cloth for it. We expect linen shirts to be a bit wrinkly after a couple of uses. It’s supposed to be. For us, summer wouldn’t be bearable without a linen shirt - since it is made of the most breathable fabric there is. And do you know what the best part is? You could go full heat beater and wear our men’s linen shirts together with more linen, perhaps with a neat linen suit - and a pair of sandals.

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Men’s linen shirts - What do I get in return when buying a linen shirt from you?

We’ve understood that linen is the ultimate summer material. But what we’ve also understood is that all linen isn’t created equal. As a producer you have got to have the eye of an eagle to be able to hand your customers the product they deserve. Therefore, our linen shirts are always:

• Handpicked world class material

• Timeless design

• An array of styles

• Linen shirts with ultra breathable feel

Men’s linen shirts online

High quality linen shirts for men in genuine craftsmanship, low price, what’s the catch? None. John Henric is an exclusive producer-to-consumer company. This means that we sell our linenshirts for men online solely in our own stores and at Since we skip wholesale, you skip the markup. This way we can offer high-quality linen shirts in luxurious fabrics at a better price than you would normally pay. Buy your linen shirt from John Henric.

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