A cookie is a small text-based file that is downloaded and stored on your computer, mobile or similar device, it contains information about your navigation on the website. Cookies can be used to track which pages you visit on the website, save information you have provided or remember your settings, such as language settings.

Cookies that are required for the website to function properly may be installed without your consent. Other cookies must be accepted by the user before they can be installed in the browser. Below you see the purposes for which we collect cookies, you can choose which purposes you want to accept or deny.

Strictly necessary (required)
Strictly necessary cookies are active during a visit on the website and allow website functions such as user login and filtering options. The website cannot be used properly without strictly necessary cookies activated, for example these are required to complete a purchase.

Functionality (optional)
Functionality cookies are used to remember visitor information on the website, such as language and time zone settings.

Performance (optional)
Performance cookies are used to track how visitors use the website to improve the customer experience. These cookies cannot be used to directly identify a user.

Targeting (optional)
Targeting cookies are used to identify visitors between different websites, for example social media and banner networks. These cookies can be used by companies to create a profile of visitors' interests or display relevant advertisements on other websites.


We use cookies to provide access to all functions of the website, customize the user experience, perform analyses, improve our website and create personalized communications. Cookies are also used to deliver personalized advertisements in digital channels and social media platforms, and to gain insights into how visitors access and navigate on the website.


By accepting cookies, you consent to the collection and use of user data in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not wish to give your consent to user data being collected and used according to the information described in this cookie policy, or if you change your mind after accepting cookies, you can always adjust your settings under the "Cookies" tab in the lower left corner of the screen.

John Henric is authorized to modify this cookie policy at any time. This might happen without any further notice.


John Henric may use user data for the following purposes:

Provide and operate our digital services, as well as control the use of our website. John Henric uses user data to analyze and identify user trends and evaluate the effect of its own marketing campaigns, when reasonable cause exists.

We use data for the purpose of evaluating and improving our own service such as products, touch points in the user experience and for marketing purposes. The data is used to improve targeted marketing that matches the user's specific interests.


John Henric may temporarily share user data in the following situations:

Upon consent, John Henric is permitted to share user data for arbitrary purposes with the user's express consent.


Third parties with whom we share user data must state what they will use it for. Third parties may only retain user data for the period of time specified when requesting and obtaining said information.

Third party providers of digital services are not entitled to collect, sell or use user data, except as required for the stated purpose.

User data may be shared with third parties for the following purposes:

Improve targeted marketing campaigns
John Henric collaborates with third-party service providers to improve targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Payment processes and refund services
User data is used to make payments for purchases, refunds or similar requested functionality.

Data for analysis
User data may be shared with analysis tools to analyze traffic and navigation on the website.

Improve user experience
User data may be shared with third parties that provide digital services to improve the experience of our website.

Marketing activities
User data is used for creating personalized communication and for other digital marketing purposes.

You can block cookies from third parties in your browser's privacy settings to prevent your data from being shared with the websites you visit. However, this may mean that the functionality of the websites you visit is limited.

John Henric is not responsible for websites operated by third parties nor for your use of them.

The secrecy of user data is important to us. John Henric is constantly working to improve our use of user data and take measures in accordance with current legislations.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us
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