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Men’s canvas bags - Do you sometimes wonder what type of bag you ought to go with if a leather bag isn’t what you seek? Then canvas bags are the smart option to look into. Canvas bags are resilient yet also sophisticated. A canvas bag is a much smarter alternative for the man who either feels he can’t do with a leather bag because of an active life style. Or a canvas bag is for the man who perhaps works in a creative position and wants something different. Either way we are glad to inform you that canvas bags from John Henric are always embellished with leather details - for design purpose, yes. But also because canvas bags with leather elements ages better than the canvas bags without. Therefore our canvas bags are not only well designed, but also practical - which one must admit is rather important as well. All of our canvas bags are designed so that the interior is spacious. Also the interior is fully lined and equipped with multiple pockets. To design men’s canvas bags with premium durable quality, with a design that says luxury but with a price that says affordable, isn’t easy. That’s quite high demands. Our solution to the dilemma was to think minimalistic. Which we, if we are to be frank, are quite good at. We are proud of the quality our canvas bags are of. We really feel we’ve succeeded with our goal to meet your already high demands. Our men’s canvas bags sleek design is of minimalistic standard and it breathes elegance. Our canvas bags has the right size to fit everything you need for any smaller adventure.

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Tote bag | Basilio
Tote bag | Basilio

Tote bag | Basilio

Men's bag in blue canvas

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Men’s canvas bags - Can I find your canvas bags at any other retailers?

John Henric is a strict producer-to-consumer brand - which means we only sell our men’s canvas bags online at and our own stores. Having chosen that philosophy we make sure to skip middle hand costs and markups. We believe in this market philosophy, because for us customer service is of the highest importance.

What features does your canvas bags have?

  • Premium quality canvas
  • Leather elements that age beautifully
  • Spacious interior
  • Luxurious touch and feel
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