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Men’s briefcases - You are in a hurry, but you’re not running. You move quickly from A to B, dressed in a nice dark navy suit - and a briefcase. In your briefcase you’ve got enough room for all documents you need, and some more as well. Luckily you’ve invested in a quality briefcase with a little extra space. Perhaps you decide to bring your training gear with you to work - so that you don’t have to return back home to get it. A briefcase should be a portable assistant. Briefcases should keep all your papers available and organized for when you need them. A briefcase from John Henric does exactly that. Our men’s briefcases are designed for a hectic life style. We understand that a briefcase needs to be both sturdy and elegant. Ours are made from the best parts of the skin - in order to guarantee longevity. Our briefcases are made to last, and to be used. It would be counterproductive if our briefcases wouldn’t age well - which they really do. Premium quality and genuine craftsmanship for a fair price are the keywords we go for when we design our men’s briefcases. We want to create a luxury good to a fair price. But doing so is not easy. It takes equal parts passion, will and knowledge. Our goal is to make that a reality for our customers. It almost sounds too good, doesn’t it? John Henric is a strict producer-to-consumer business, and by skipping middle hands we are able to keep the prices lower than other boutiques.

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Briefcase | Ellington

Briefcase | Ellington

Men's briefcase in brown leather

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Men’s briefcases - a must for the busy man

Our briefcases are equipped with an inside pocket - to protect and keep order of your documents. The inside is covered in a soft lining - to protect the leather from sharp edges. Inside our briefcases there are plenty of pockets, where one is equipped with a zipper. There a plenty of room for various electronics, important documents but also for lighter training gear.

Our men’s briefcases in skin are always:

  • Made from premium material
  • Made to last long
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Affordable luxury
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