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Men’s backpacks - From slopes to streets, from bike to bar, from work to workout; backpacks are trusty adherents. Backpacks, especially the leather backpacks, are a slicker version of the briefcase. The usage is basically the same now that all backpacks has pockets and slides inside them. Well, of course the style expression varies between the two. The backpack is more relaxed. We are confident when we say that a backpack is by far the most comfortable way to carry documents, training gear and general belongings around. Our men’s backpacks are easily strapped on around your shoulders: ergonomic, practical and good-looking. To wear a backpack from us is an instant show of confidence. It’s assertive. Our leather backpacks works well with both a suit and tie, and our leather backpacks also works well with jeans and a simple t-shirt. It’s elegant yet still relaxed. If you feel that a leather backpack for any reason is not for you - we do have premium canvas backpacks to offer as well. They’re equally elegant but are often seen as more casual. But the fact that we have premium canvas backpacks as well raises the question: what fits me the best? A leather backpack or a canvas backpack? It’s a tough one, because we really can’t say. Both our leather backpacks and our canvas backpacks are made to last, with the highest possible quality for a price that is affordable. Both of our men’s backpacks design is something that we’re genuinely proud over. Truth be told: it depends on what your purpose is. The leather backpacks works, in general, better to business attire. While the canvas backpacks works better, in general, for leisure.

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Men's backpack in black canvas

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Men’s backpacks - Why choose a backpack from John Henric?

All our backpacks, both our leather backpacks and some elements of our canvas backpacks, are made from vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather. What having that quality guarantees is that your backpack ages with dignity. Our men’s backpacks ages beautifully, because the material is crafted from high quality leathers. If that doesn’t do it for you then bear in mind that our backpacks are also made to last.

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