Men's Swimtrunks – Choose a pair of great looking swimtrunks from John Henric when summer is around the corner and the beach is calling. The inspiration for this limited edition collection of swimshorts comes from the fantastic Ligurian coast with its unique light. John Henric has always had a soft spot for Italy and this glorious coast. Our goal is to create male swimwear with unique prints that capture the colors of the Ligurian atmosphere so that you can enjoy it wherever you are in the world. For that perfect, laid-back feeling, match your beach look with an Oxford or linen shirt. Men’s Swimtrunks and swimshorts are obviously used in a swimming context and not on any other occasion. However, you can have lunch in a pair of swimshorts so long as you wear a shirt. In order for this to be permissible, the restaurant should be right next to the beach. Otherwise our recommendation is to remove your swim trunks and change into regular clothes. It is neither socially appropriate nor particularly elegant to sit at table half naked wearing only a pair of swimming trunks. Get wet in style – Buy your male swimwear online from John Henric and get free shipping and fast deliveries with love from Sweden.

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