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John Henric is responsible under the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204) for the processing of the personal data which you as a customer provide us with. By providing us with your data you consent to John Henric using the collected data to fulfill our obligations to you, thereby providing you with the highest level of service possible. The aim of the processing and registration of your data is solely to prepare, process and complete your order, to improve our customer service and for marketing purposes John Henric will not transfer your personal data to any third party for the purpose of marketing.

Data which is transferred to a third party is solely used in order to fulfill John Henric’s obligations to you as a customer. John Henric may transfer data to John Henric’s sub-contractors in connection with deliveries (for example your address which is necessary to our suppliers and shipping agents in order for them to deliver your order).

John Henric only processes your data as long as it is necessary in order to carry out John Henric’s services, or during any period of time which is prescribed by law. After this, your data will be deleted.

You may at any time write to John Henric and withdraw your consent to letting John Henric use your data for marketing purposes (for example by sending you newsletters, offers and such). If you wish to change your registered personal data or if you have any questions on which personal data we have registered please contact us:


John Henric recognizes the importance of protecting our customers’ privacy. We ensure that all information that you provide us with when using our services on John Henric’s webshop are protected.

John Henric has taken technical and organizational measures in order to protect all data from unintended changes, unauthorized access or distribution, accidental loss and any other form of unauthorized use. However, John Henric cannot at all times guarantee that the Webshop is free from technical defects, viruses or spam. Some functions on the Webshop may be inaccessible during short periods for the purposes of maintenance and updates.

Links may contain links to other websites which do not fall under John Henric’s supervision. John Henric cannot accept any responsibility for the content or for the protection of privacy of these websites, but provides these links in order to aid our customers to find further information.


John Henric is not responsible for the technical equipment and software which is needed to use the webshop. During short periods of time there may be maintenance disruptions etc. and John Henric is not responsible for any disturbances, disruptions or other problems that may occur in connection with this. John Henric cannot guarantee that the webshop at all times will be free from defects such as viruses or spam.

Neither may John Henric be held responsible for any misprints, and reserves itself against any errors in pictures and texts. John Henric’s liability for any claims (including indemnity) is under all circumstances, except for in cases arising out of wilful conduct or gross negligence, limited to the amount equivalent to the price of the item (or items) which is/are the matter of dispute. John Henric is never liable for consequential damages.

How we use cookies

When visiting John Henric’s website we may store some information on your computer in the form of a “cookie”. Cookies are used by many websites to give the visitors access to certain functions. The information that is stored in the cookie may also be used to keep track of the visitor’s behavior on the website.

There are two types of cookies: the first cookie is stored as a file on your computer for a longer period of time. It is used to identify if there has been any previous contact between us and your computer. The second type is called a session cookie which is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory during the time you are browsing the website. The session cookie will not be stored in your web browser for a long period of time, but disappears when you close your browser session.

Cookies are used by John Henric to enable selection of language, to obtain statistics over visitors and to collect information about your preferences when you navigate on the website. In this way we hope to enhance our ability to address relevant information directly to our customers.

If not otherwise stated, John Henric does not use cookies in order to collect personal data.

If you do not accept John Henric’s use of cookies on the website you may configure your browser settings to prevent it from accepting cookies. If you choose to do so however we cannot guarantee that all functions on the website will work as intended.


Force majeure occurs when external circumstances substantially prevents the performance of an obligation under the agreement, for example war, state intervention, strikes, staff’s illness, shipping disturbances, restrictions on energy supplies, bans, restrictions, declined permissions, import and export restrictions, natural disasters, accidents etc. which reasonably could not have been foreseen when entering into the agreement and which reasonably could not have been avoided or overcome. This applies both to John Henric and to John Henric’s sub-contractors.

In the event of force majeure John Henric’s obligations are deferred. If the period of force majeure is not of a temporary nature, you as well as John Henric have the right to cancel the purchase agreement without any obligation to pay indemnity arising. Such measures are carried out by contacting John Henric’s customer service.


If a dispute regarding these terms and conditions should arise, the consumer should contact John Henric’s customer service and try to resolve the disagreement as a first step. A dispute arising out of these terms and conditions shall be brought to the court in the place where the defendant resides. The consumer may also, in accordance with the regulations in the Swedish Code of Judicial Procedure (1942:740) bring a suit to the court in the place where the consumer resides.


The content of the webshop is copyright-protected and is the property of John Henric. All intellectual property rights to the content of the webshop belong to John Henric. It is allowed to download, print, copy and blog about the material on the webshop for your own personal purposes, however not for business purposes. This presumes that the material is not changed and that all intellectual property rights remain reserved John Henric. It is allowed to link to the webshop, but without using John Henric’s symbols or trademarks. All rights reserved. Photographs on the webshop are not to be copied.

Controller of personal data

John Henric AB

Ringugnsgatan 8

216 16 Limhamn


Telephone: +46 40 616 06 39


Companies register: Bolagsverket/Swedish Companies Registration

Company registration number: 556769-2925

VAT registration number: VAT NO. SE556769292501


Handling of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/EG)

John Henric AB (556769-2925) are responsible for the personal data we receive in connection with assignments and personal data that are handled when an assignment is prepared or administered.

We handle the data in order to be able to carry out and administer the assignment, to protect your interests and for purposes of billing and accounting. The data has its legal basis in among other things the data protection regulation and the bookkeeping act. The stated statutes allow for handling of the information with the purpose of enabling us to fulfil our duties towards our clients/registered and other legal framework. The statutes also allow, after a balancing of interests in which among other things any objections to the handling made by the registered is taken into consideration, for handling of personal data for our and other businesses within the corporate groups justified interests to develop, to market and to administrate our services and business activities in an effective way and also to protect our civil rights and obligations. The data can also be used for business- and method development, market analysis, statistics and risk management. The data that is handled in order to develop and analyse the business is handled on the basis of our justified interest to develop the business and to communicate with our contacts.

We will not disclose any personal data to any third party apart from instances where it has been expressly agreed upon between the company and the registered, if it is necessary in order for us to fulfil our legal obligations or in cases where we hire an external service provider that carries out assignments on our behalf.

The personal data is saved, in accordance with the company’s obligations in accordance with the regulations mentioned above, for a period of 10 years from the assignments completion or from the final invoice’s date of payment or for an extended period of time as a result of the nature of the assignment. If you cancel newsletters etc. all personal data referred to the newsletters will be immediately deleted.

You have the right to, free of charge, demand information from the company about the usage of the personal data that concerns you. We will on your request, or on our own initiative, correct or delete data that is inaccurate or limit the handling of such data. Furthermore, you have the right to demand that your personal data is not used for direct marketing. You also have the right to receive your personal data in a computer-readable form (or, if technically possible, get your data transferred to a third party of your choice). If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your personal data you can submit a complaint to a supervisory authority which in Sweden is Datainspektionen ( You can also contact the supervisory authority in the country where you live or work.

Contact us at or at the address below if you have any questions regarding our handling of personal data.

John Henric AB
John Henrik Ekström, VD.
Ringugnsgatan 8
216 16 Limhamn

The data controller is John Henric AB (556769-2925). Contact information as stated above.

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