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Men’s Bracelets Bracelets for men have long featured in the male wardrobe, becoming a permanent fixture in recent years, in varying numbers and materials. A men's bracelet that you feel suits your personality always adds a nice contrast to your outfit, regardless of whether it is a beaded bracelet, leather bracelet or an anchor bracelet. Let the material take center stage and create an even stronger look by stacking several men’s bracelets together. Bracelets for men featuring stones or beads can also be a great way of carrying on whichever color scheme you have chosen for the day, or of creating contrast. John Henric also likes the idea of a single leather bracelet that works equally well with a suit, a blazer or a leather jacket. Our offering includes timeless leather bracelets, playful beaded bracelets and anchor bracelets for a more casual look. Match your bracelet with a stylish tie pin or a pair of cufflinks. Bracelets for menin various forms are perfect for taking the serious edge off a business look, or for elevating a casual outfit. Buy your men’s bracelets online simply and easily with John Henric. We always offer free shipping and fast delivery. Alternatively, visit one of our many physical stores for personal service.


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Bracelets for men, in various forms, are perfect for taking the serious edge off a business look, or for elevating a casual outfit. Bracelets have become a staple in the stylish man’s accessories repertoire. If you want to be bold or opt for a casual style, why not choose one of our anchor bracelets, or more colorful beaded bracelets, before finishing off with a classic leather bracelet. John Henric carries a wide range of both brown and black leather bracelets and it is easy to filter products based on color and design. Buy men’s bracelets online or visit one of our many physical stores for knowledgeable, personal service. John Henric always offers free shipping super speedy service.

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