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Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins – Adding a lapel pin to the lapel of your jacket is a simple and cost-effective way of putting a personal touch on your outfit. Suit pins or flower lapel pins as they are also called have made a big comeback in recent years. Nowadays, lapel pins are not only reserved for weddings and formal events. Flower lapel pins are perfect for weddings and other celebrations, while something more discrete, such as our metal lapel pins, or another type of minimal pin that matches your shoes or belt, is ideal for everyday wear. What kind of lapel pin or design you choose is of course down to personal taste, but one idea is to play on your professional identity, interests or political affiliation, always bearing in mind what is appropriate given the situation. Buy your lapelpin online simply and easily with free world wide shipping and fast delivery.


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Silver Lapel pin | Costa Brava

Silver suit pin in metal

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The lapel pin – Here to stay

John Henric was one of the first to bring various types of lapel pins and flower lap pins back in style, and as we made these men’s accessories more playful, personal and individual, more and more people have started to make use of the buttonhole on their jacket. We hope that this smart men’s accessory is here to stay. Regardless of what type of lapel pin you opt for, feel free to use the buttonhole of your jacket to attach a metal lapel pin, flower lapel pin or any symbol. You should, however, remember that moderation is key and aim for a comfortable color combination when purchasing a suit pin.

Buy Lapel Pins Online

High quality lapel pins for men in genuine Italian craftsmanship, low price, what’s the catch? None. John Henric is an exclusive producer-to-consumer company. This means that we sell flower lapel pins and suit pins solely in our own stores and at Since we skip wholesale, you skip the markup. This way we can offer high-quality men’s lapel pins at a better price than you would normally pay. Brighten up your outfit with a metal lapel pin or a flower pin and put a personal touch on your outfit. Visit one of our physical stores for unique, personal service or buy your lapel pin online at your leisure, with free shipping, free returns and speedy service.

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