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Beanies for men – A beanie is not only a winter essential that can add a sporty or elegant touch to an outfit. For many, men’s beanies are purely practical accessories. However, when made in Italy from a more exclusive material and cut, a cashmere beanie or wool beanie can be just as much a style statement as a functional accessory. John Henric has always had a penchant for rib or cable-knit beanies. We feel that although these styles work perfectly well with a suit, they are the ideal complement to jeans and a knit. Depending on your taste and budget, we can offer both wool and cashmere beanies in a variety of styles and colors. Cashmere beanies are as soft as they are functional. Their long fibers are capable of handling major temperature changes and they can therefore be worn both before and after the mercury drops below freezing. Cashmere beanies have other special properties aside from breathability and feel. They reflect color with excellent accuracy, meaning that you are free to go for either bright colors or more subdued shades such as gray, camel or blue beanies without having to compromising on the luster. Opt for hats with a base color like beige, brown or blue, as these will work equally well with tailored clothing as with more casual attire, and feel free to match your beanie with your gloves or scarf. Buy your luxury cashmere beanies or water-repellent wool beanies online with free shipping and short delivery times here, or visit one of our many stores.


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High quality men’s beanies in genuine craftsmanship, low price, what’s the catch? None. John Henric is an exclusive producer-to-consumer company. This means that we sell wool beanies and cashmere beanies solely in our own stores and at Since we skip wholesale, you skip the markup. This way we can offer high-quality hats for men in luxurious fabrics at a better price than you would normally pay. Buy beanies for men with free shipping world wide and fast deliveries and great service.

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