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Laptop Case

Men’s laptop case - Did you recently buy a new laptop? Wouldn’t you like a luxurious, yet affordable, laptop sleeve to put it into - to protect it? Or do you already have one but the one you have really should be put to rest? It is harder today than never before to find the right laptop case, because the market for men’s laptop sleeves are diverse. With our selection of men’s laptop cases you need not look further. We’ve got you covered with  high quality leather laptop sleeves in black, dark brown or the incredibly irresistible color of chestnut. Whatever color you prefer, a laptop case is a good investment because it protects your even more expensive investments. Our laptop sleeves are cut from premium leather that will develop beautiful patina. What that means is our men’s laptop sleeves, in various colors, ages with dignity. A leather laptop sleeve from John Henric ages nicely. But what does it take to design a laptop sleeve with a luxurious look and feel? To design a leather laptop sleeve with premium leather, with a design that says luxury but with a price that says affordable, is hard. But we know our customers are expecting that. And we are proud of the result. We really feel that we’ve succeeded with our goal to meet your already quite high demands. Our men’s laptop sleeves minimalistic design is of worthy dignity - and we are happy to offer you this product. All of our laptop sleeves comes in a handy size and they all fit perfectly into both your briefcase and your backpack.

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Laptop Sleeve | Febe

Laptop Sleeve | Febe

Men's laptop sleeve in black leather

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Men’s laptop case online

As you’ve understood our men’s laptop sleeves are a direct result of genuine craftsmanship. A laptop case from John Henric is always of high quality and of a reasonable price. What the catch is? None. John Henric is an exclusive producer-to-consumer company. That means that all laptop sleeves are sold solely in our own stores and at Because of this we can skip the markup - as a service for you to enjoy. This way we can offer men’s laptop sleeves in luxurious fabrics at better prices than you would normally pay.

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