Free Express Shipping & Returns | Home Delivery
Free Express Shipping & Returns | Home Delivery

Delivery Details

Free Shipping on all orders worldwide.

John Henric offers free delivery on all orders worldwide through UPS. We will pack and send your order within 1 business day. No extra charges will be applied. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]. As soon as your order is sent, we will send you a delivery confirmation to your specified telephone number or e-mail address with a tracking link.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer free returns! To proceed with a return; simply follow the steps here. Kindly register and send your return within 30 days after receiving your package. *Please note: we have recently changed return system, if you don't get a match via the link - simply fill out the return sheet in your package and use the label that was included in your package.* As soon as we’ve received your package return we will transfer back the money to your account and send you a confirmation by email¸ please allow 2-3 working/bank days.

If you want to change a product, you can simply do so by making a return and placing a new order on our website.